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SATAN-Demon of WRATH by Amosha SATAN-Demon of WRATH by Amosha
My series of artwork "7 Deadly Demons" - this is the seventh. Demon of WRATH-SATAN.
Satan (from Heb. שָׂטָן‎, Satan “ShTN” – the opponent, from Hebrew. "Preventing", "inconsistent", "the prosecutor in court", "Interfering", "contradicting", "an accuser in court", "slanderer") and the Devil (from Greek. διάβολος, Diabolo’s – the slanderer). By popular names include such as: the Prince of [this] world, Dirty, Crafty, impure, evil. The SATAN - the opponent, the enemy, an accuser, the Lord of fire, the Hell, the South, he is the Supreme master of hell and demons. Its epithet – "Resisting".
Сатанa it is often identified with the Lucifer, but some traditions assert that the Satan and the Lucifer - absolutely various demons.
It having appeared deposed from heavens on the earth the Satan has created hierarchy of Demons, mirror reflection of heavenly Hierarchy of Angels. Under his supervision there was a huge and awful army of demons and the other creatures bringing disasters, mutilations and destructions. But keep in obedience this huge army there would be an unreasonable problem even for the Satan, therefore, like God, having Seraphim, Cherubim and Archangels, Satan has authority over demons aristocrats. They, in turn, help it with management of the Darkness Kingdom. These demons in contrast to nine steps of angelic hierarchy have formed the infernal nine-step structure.
In a Judaism an embodiment of the malicious beginning, or "malicious prompting" (yecer_a-ra), in a shower of the person forcing last to oppose to God; the tempter and an accuser of the person in the face of God. Though the Satan also operates independently, it is the tool of test of the person in hands Divine more likely and doesn't possess such free will, as Satan genetically connected with it in Christianity.
Satan (Satanael) – the prince of deceivers.
Satanael – the elder son of God, the creator of a material world, the prodigal son got off from a just way. Stood to the right of god. After falling its place was occupied with Jesus.
Satanael has created from the earth and water Adam's flesh, but has found out that life in an image of a snake follows from Adam through the right foot and a forefinger. Satanael has been compelled will address for the help to God, and God has helped it with hope that the beings created with its help will fill up the ranks of the angels which have thinned after falling by Satanaelja and its adherents; God and Satanael have agreed that Adam will belong to both of them: a flesh-satanaelju, and spirit-god. Then he has created Eve, and God – her soul. After that Satanael by means of a tail has overslept with Eve, and she has given birth to it to Cain and the his sister of twin Kalomenu, from Adam she has given birth to Abel. In the beginning Satanael was a member of divine council, executing the harm, appointed to sinners from God. But, having refused in arrogance has bowed to Adam, has declared that that is made of ashes, and it – from a fiery matter, and that it above Adam. For Eve Bog's seduction has punished Satanaelja, having deprived of its divine appearance and ability to create, and it became dark and disgusting; however God has left to it the power over a material world for seven epoch. Satanael has given to people laws of Moiseja that at their help to manipulate mankind; it has charged to demons will lodge in human souls to adhere them to a gloom. After falling of Satanael has created the second sky with own angels and with the same hierarchy, as in the sky of the father. Thus it has lost a divine prefix "AEL" and simply Satan began to be called. Angela Satanael has overslept with human daughters – and the giants which have risen against Satanael, but Satanael has won them, having sent a flood. One because of the Satan – ruined antediluvian giants, and the second – at will of God – with huge human victims. The Jewish representations about the Satan became base for development of an image of a Satan in Christian tradition, and also an image of the shaitan, or Iblisa, in Islam.
Apostle Pavel asserted that the Satan can change (transfigurat) (μετασχηματίζεται) in an angel of light (in angelum lucis) (άγγελον φωτός). In the Apocalypse the Satan acts as the Dragon and the Devil — the leader of dark angels in fight with Michael.
The first «devil explosion has occurred in the West nearby XI-XII centuries. A Satan represent with burning look, fiery hair and wings, the devourer of people, a huge demon. It is more, rather than any of monsters seen in a hell. It was black as a raven, its body was, as human, but with a tail and many hands. The monster had thousands of hands, each of length a hundred cubits and a thickness of ten cubits. On every hand he was twenty fingers, each length of a hundred hands and a thickness of ten palms. Nails on fingers were longer than a knightly spear. It had also a long beak and a long sharp tail with stings with which it tormented the condemned souls. This awful being has been spread and chained to an iron lattice under which the coals inflated by set of demons burned. All members of it of a being have been held down by iron and bronze chains. At an exhalation it extorted from itself(himself) set of the condemned souls and dispelled them on various areas of a hell and when he inhaled, they got back to its sulfuric evaporations where it chewed them.
Satan – the most important, extremely dangerous enemy of the person with whom each of us it is conducted or it is not known faces throughout life of thousand times. He is the enemy of man, because, according to his satanic logic, precisely because of the man he lost his status and was expelled from the host of close to God and damned forever by God.
And the unique reason of its stay on the Earth is the delay given to it by God, about which he asked to prove to the Creator as people to the Founder are incorrect and ungrateful. And up to Day of the Doomsday the Satan will use all means, all possible ways and appearances to tighten together with itself in the Hell as much as possible people, because of the hatred to the person. But the Satan not only wanders on the world, he intends to change the scenario of a doomsday conceived by God. Therefore the Satan and its environment indefatigably also watch closely each person though we don't see and we do not suspect about it. To bring down people from the just way, the most important weapon of the Satan is truth concealment. And the most effective way of concealment of truth – distortion of the facts, deliberate concealing of the validity. The best way for this purpose – distribution of false hearings and gossips among people. In an appearance of people it promises you prestigious position in a society or riches, material benefits and life without problems, promises physical appeal and popularity, the easy life relieved of any grieves, happens at times that from lips of its henchmen promises of a monastery of Paradise, ostensibly prepared to you in exchange for those or other your affairs sound even. But in Day of Dominical Court he admits that lay and made false promises. The Satan has devoted itself to the unique purpose – to harm to the person.
The devilish symbolics and esthetics have started to be formed in an extreme antiquity as the artificial image of the enemy applied by Catholics to the enemies: to Jews-kabbalists, heretics. They have been carried to actually Satanism later.
Devilish symbols:
The turned cross. [link]
Pentagram of the Satan. [link]
The press of Bafomet. [link]
Three six (666).
Horns of a goat.
So number 666 is taken from John Bogoslova's Revelation. A pentagram of the Satan (two beams are directed upwards), one of symbols of a modern Satanism. (The direct pentagram during ancient time was considered as a perfection symbol. The image of the turned pentagram (with two «ascending beams») began to be considered devilish in a XIX-th century after the book of Elifas Levi. The pentagram initially served as a sign on protection against other forces. Sabbash is the deformed name of the Jewish holiday of Saturday (Shabbat) - witch-meeting with the worship of the supreme god with a goat's head (Satan) and group sex rituals. Black books (grimuar) — initially represented collections of the spells, attributed I reign Solomon. The horns, attributed to the Devil, were initially perceived as a symbol of God, initially perceived as a divinity and fertility symbol. Bafomet - a symbol of a devilish goat [link] .It is usually represented in the form of the semiperson-semigoat or in the form of the person with a goat head. Often it is wrongly treated as the SORCERY symbol in general. Really, this symbol is used by the Satanists worshipping to a devil. The origin of a name of Bafomet isn't clear. Probably, this deformed Magomet (Muhammad). Bafo-meta also name the Goat Maine-desa, the Black Goat and Judas Goat.
Said that this idol worships the Order of the Templars, including its source of fertility and riches. Probably, most known image of Bafomet is drawn in a XIX-th century by the French magician ALES-FAS LEVI and "Bafomet Mendesa" is called. Levi has connected elements of devil card ТАРО to the ancient cult of a goat existing in Egyptian Mendese where ostensibly followers of this cult copulated with the christened goat (in the same way as, according to church, witches and a devil do). At Bafometa Levi a human trunk with a female breast, a caduceus (the staff of Merkurija twisted with two snakes) around a diaphragm, human shoulders and hands, hoofs, wings, a head of a goat with a pentagram (the FIVE-POINTED STAR And the PENTAGRAM see) on a forehead and a torch on top between horns. These attributes, according to Levi, represent the Universe total sum: the reason, four Elements, divine revelation, sex, motherhood, a sin and rescue. White and black half moons on both parties of a figure are good and evil symbols.
Modern Satanists perceive a Satan as a symbol of terrestrial life and the protest against hypocrisy of public morals. There is a Book of the Satan consisting of 5 heads. After a terrifying train of misfortunes and terrible epidemics, world wars and unprecedented terror Harm will win Good, and the Satan will establish a hell on the earth, and will correct in it eternally. Prophecies only ten, and five of them have come true! For this reason Vatican was silent about them before the expiration of 1999. Other five predictions of the main villain should be realized till 2000, however it hasn't occurred.
The museum of the Satan located in church of Sacred Heart of the Martyr, is very seldom visited by clerics or the high-ranking tourists as its existence is kept secret.
Likes: heavy metal music, breaking glass.
Dislikes: silence, everyone that pisses her off (which is, indeed, everyone.)
Color: Red.
Symbol: The bear.
Punishment in Hell: Dismemberment whilst still alive.
His sin WRATH-here [link]

Male body by :iconstock-by-dana: [link]
Hair by :iconselficide-stock: [link]
Horn by :iconcynthetic: [link]
Bear by :iconblacksilence-stock: [link] :iconstarbl00d-stock: [link]
Best tatoo by :icongleamingscythe: [link]
Bear symbol by :iconjafean: [link]
Blood and Scars by :iconacidkitty3: [link]
Background idea from H.R. Giger artwork

Thanks to all members of DA :D :dalove:

VANITY- Lucifer [link]
ENVY- Leviathan [link]
GLUTTONY- Behemoth [link]
LUST- Asmodai [link]
WRATH- Satan [link]
AVARICE- Mammon [link]
SLOTH- Belphegor [link]
Photomanipulation before and after here [link]
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